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Table and Bench Pricing

Table with one 14" stone on top                                     $100

Table with 14" stone on top and mini on bottom:             $130

Table with one 18" stone on top                                     $150

Table with 18" stone on top and 14" stone on bottom         $185

Coffee Tables and End Tables (Really really huge)          $250

Benches / Rectangle Coffee Tables                                   $300

Couple of things to know about my tables:

All of my table frames are either 18" tall or 24" tall

They can house either one stone or two stones

Table frames are hand made by two amazingly talented friends.

They are steel.  I use a high quality Rustoleum flat black spray paint.

While these frames are constructed with thick steel and thick welds and can be used outdoors, they will rust over time.  To prevent or prolong rust, repaint them once a year. 

Stone Sizes and Pricing:

Mini       $20 - $28

14"           $40

18"           $65

Huge          $150    

Huge stone sizes vary.  Approximate size is 24" x 32"

Couple of things to know about my stones and designs:

The "Mini" stones are made only with abstract designs, or 2 dog paws.  Mini stones are normally used for the bottom stone on small tables.

The 14" stones are my standard size.  If you have seen me at a show, the 14" stone are mostly what was on the ground.  The 14" stones can be used as stepping stones or as table tops on the small tables.

The 18" are mostly used for table tops, but can be used as stepping stones too.  Most of my designs can be increased in size to fit on an 18" stone.  If an 18" stone is used as a table top, the 14" stone can be placed on the bottom of the table. 

All stones are seal coated and can be left outside in the winter.